• Young Makers as Climate Pact Ambassadors


  • Young Makers as Climate Pact Ambassadors

    We want to promote the cooperative and innovative Leuven city model of School 2030 that involves young citizens and their community in innovative training programs and local sustainable ventures by testing a methodology of cooperation between schools, city administration and organisations striving for social inclusion and a preparedness for the climate transition.


    There is a great need to take youngsters along in a positive story, becoming the makers of their future, writers of a new narrative. As Europe is preparing to become the first climate-neutral continent, it is crucial to pave the way for approaches that work. Our project supports climate ambassadorship in society, instigates civic spirit and sustainable entrepreneurship, both in schools, youth services, parents and city administration.


    Our project aims at making climate action real, hopeful and the obvious way to go, as a new undercurrent. We want to come up with a replicable model of cooperation and a toolbox for schools and organisations in order to implement strategic and systemic learning focussed on sustainability (framework of the SDGs) and activation of people, through volunteering or training. We believe that this way of cooperating might prove to be a game changer.


    Three out of four cities are connected through Climate-KIC: Leuven in Belgium, Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Sevilla in Spain. A solid basis. We added Paredes in Portugal in order to balance our testbed by not only looking at city environments, but also more rural areas. With nearby Porto included, we are four Mission Cities intending to share learnings more quickly in order to achieve our goals.


    Our main activities will focus on testing and sharing methods on a governance level and testing, sharing and updating of the toolbox in training educators (both in formal and non-formal learning) in how to deal with design thinking and systemic change. We will offer young sustainable doers the chance to take up an active role in society. We plan 3 study visits and a culmination of the project during a Young Climathon event where both solutions for climate challenges as tried and tested policy advice will come together.

    Participant Countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal

    The Participating Countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal

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  • Our Agenda

    • Paredes (Porto), Portugal– November 20-26, 2022
    • Sevilla, Spain – March 5-11, 2023
    • Leuven, Belgium – April 17-21, 2023 





  • Ellen Vandenbroucke



    Coordinator: Ellen Vandenbroucke


    School 2030 works from within the educational department of the city of Leuven, but has a transversal approach.

    In order to reach climate neutrality, how can schools chip in?


    They focus on three pillars:


    1) Implementing a whole school approach on sustainability in all 65 Leuven schools, from kindergarten over primary to high school

    2) Focussing on effective CO₂-reduction

    3) Working on heightened awareness and skill fit for the future in this hinge generation and their community

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    Coordinator: Eduardo Jiménez Terencio


    Acciónenred is an organization that seeks a society with greater equality and towards greater social justice, which promotes the development of solidarity in all its dimensions, and which guarantees a model that respects the environment; transformations that deepen and extend democracy, individual freedom and guarantee human rights.


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    Coordinator: Teike Tessel Asselbergs


    The Beach is a hub and a lab for social and sustainable design - sustainist design - and is situated in the Wildeman neighbourhood in Amsterdam since 2009. With people and organisations we create projects that make communities stronger in a living environment that struggles with various social issues. Values as sustainability, human scale and sharing are our compass. To design with (not for) the community we develop forms of co-design that are locally embedded, inclusive and aim for sustainable relationships. What we learn we share by collaboration, developing training programmes, tools and toolsets.

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    Coordinator: Paula Rocha


    Embaixada da Juventude (EJ) is a dynamic non-profit youth organization that initiates and implements local projects of the positive social impact, particularly in the field of social inclusion and whereas young people have a central role. As a fruitful outcome, EJ, creates local initiatives aiming to bypass the urban division and provide a fulfilling and productive life for the youngsters.

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